2017 Oban

ISARRA 2017 Delegate Photo


Monday, 22nd May 2017


Plenary Session 1: Science Applications 1

10:00am - 10:20am:         Line Båserud: Heat flux estimates from SUMO profiles during the BLLAST campaign

10:20am - 10:40am:         Phillip Chilson: The 3D Mesonet Concept: Extending Networked Surface Meteorological Tower Observations Through Unmanned Aircraft Systems

10:40am - 11:00am:         Claudio Crazzolara: First experiments and results with a new developed airborne aerosol sampling unit carried by a multirotor UAV.


Plenary Session 2: Science Applications 2

11:20am - 11:40am:         Gijs de Boer: Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems to Study Atmospheric Processes During Sea Ice Freeze Up

11:40am - 12:00:              Anthony Finn: 3D Atmospheric Temperature and Wind Profiles using UAV-Based Acoustic Tomography

12:00 - 12:20pm:             David G. Schmale: Diversity and Ice Nucleation Activity of Microorganisms collected with a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) in France and the United States




Plenary Session 3: Instrumentation and Platform Integration 1

2:00pm - 2:20pm:             David Bridges: Development of an Integrated Gas Monitoring and Source Identification Unmanned Aircraft System

2:40pm - 3:00pm:             Radiance Calmer: Validation of 3D Wind Vector Measurements using a 5-hole Probe with Remotely Piloted Aircraft

3:00pm - 3:20pm:            Brian Greene: Calibration and Validation of Weather Sensors for Rotary-Wing UAS


Plenary Session 4: Aircraft and Control Systems 1

3:40pm - 4:00pm:             Jack Kormas: The Aerosonde meterological platform

4:00pm - 4:20pm:             Martin Müller: Two new RPAS for atmospheric boundary layer research based on an off-the-shelf model aircraft and the Paparazzi autopilot

4:20pm - 4:40pm:             Christian_Schluchter: Meteodrones – pioneers in autonomous UAV based meteorological data collection

4:40pm - 5:00pm:             Martin Schön: Improving the performance of the Multi-Purpose Airborne Sensor Carrier using a Pixhawk flight controller


5:15pm                               Bus to Oban

6:30pm                              Ice Breaker and Whisky Tasting, Oban Bay Hotel


Tuesday, 23rd May 2017


Plenary Session 5: Science Applications 3

9:00am - 10:00am:           Masahiko Hayashi: Aerosol measurements in Antarctica using “Kite Plane” in January 2017

10:20am - 10:40am:         Adam L._Houston: The impact of sensor response on the representation of atmospheric boundary layer phenomena by airborne instruments

10:40am - 11:00am:         Jamey Jacob: Results from the 2016 CLOUD-MAP Flight Campaign


Plenary Session 6: Science Applications 4

11:20am - 11:40am:          Jason M. Keeler: Sensitivity of Supercells to UAS Data Assimilation in an OSSE Framework

11:40am - 12:00:               C._Keleshis: Long-Term Monitoring of Aerosols and Cloud Properties using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

12:00 - 12:20pm:               Stephan T._Kral: RPAS based observation on the Arctic Boundary Layer during the ISOBAR campaigns on Andøya and Hailuoto

12:20pm - 12:40pm:        Roger_Laurence: Initial TTwistor Results from EPIC Phase 1


1:40pm - 2:00pm              Jeremy Price: Cardington Flight Week Report

2:00pm - 3:00pm             Tour of Scottish Marine Robotics or Dunstaffnage Castle


Plenary Session 7: Instrumentation and Platform Integration 2

3:40pm - 4:00pm:           Alexis_Merlaud: The Small Whiskbroom Imager for atmospheric compositioN monitorinG (SWING)

4:20pm - 4:40pm:           Anders Petersson: UAV sensors and miniature radiosondes

4:40pm - 5:00pm:           Alexander Rautenberg: Comparing Common Wind Measurement Algorithms of Remotely Piloted Fixed-wing Aircraft


5:15pm                             Bus to Oban

7:00pm                            Conference Meal at The Gathering Halls, Oban


Wednesday, 24th May 2017


Plenary Session 8: Science Applications 5

10:00am - 10:20am:         Moritz _Mauz: Current UAV-assisted Wind Energy Research Projects at the University of Tuebingen with the in-house built MASC Aircraft

10:20am - 10:40am:         Andreas _Philipp: First results of a 2017 winter flight campaign in Berlin for the “Urban Climate Under Change” project

10:40am - 11:00am:         Andreas_Platis: Investigating New Particle Formation in the Arctic Boundary Layer

11:00am - 11:20am:          Suzanne Weaver_Smith: Measurement of atmospheric surface layer turbulence using unmanned aerial vehicles



11:40am - 1:00pm         ISARRA 2017 Discussions and vote for 2018 Venue

1:00pm                              Close of ISARRA 2017 and formal handover to new Chairperson

1:00pm - 3:00pm          Lunch and Leavings: Purple Room, or outdoor if weather agreeable.