2013 Palma

Program Handout

Plenary Session 1: RPAS airframes and avionics

A novel solar RPAS QuadTiltrotor for environmental surveillance. L.Stefanutti, A. Casazza, G. Soria, G. Cecchi, L. Manfriani

HBMini: A new data acquisition sensor- and autopilot system for atmospheric research and its application on different aircraft.             H. Warmers, O. Riesener, C. Niemann, P. Galke, H. Fischer

UAVs for meteorological survey: compromise between engineering, legislation and a wide range of mission profiles. N. Constantin, D. Rosu

Introducing More Crew Members of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: The AutoTechnician.          B. Wrenger

The CryoWing unmanned aerial system for scientific measurements. S. Solbø, R. Storvold

Realtime 3D visualization of UAV missions. D. Stødle, R. Storvold

Transforming a Remote Control (RC) Airplane into an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) dedicated for Research Applications. C. Keleshis, S. Ioannou, M. Argyrides, M. Lange

UAV-Platform UMARS 2 for Environmental Research. H. Hesselbarth

Integrating a RPA Platform, based on Commercial Components. T. Houge, J. Sveen, M. Gausa

Design and instrumentation of a remotely piloted small aircraft for Earth observation. U. Putze

An Unmanned Aerial System Facility at the Cyprus Institute: Current Status and Perspectives. M. A. Lange, M. Argyrides, S. Ioannou, C. Keleshis

Development of a Hungarian Meteorological UAV system: on board sensors, flight planning and the results of the first test flights. Z. Istenes, Z. Bottyán, A. Z. Gyöngyösi, T. Weidinger, M. Balczó, Z. Szabó

Plenary Session 2: RPAS sensors and instruments

First Comparative Results of the Meteorological UAV System MASC. N. Wildmann, D. Martínez, J. Bange

Test and application of a turbulent flow measurement system for the RPAS SUMO. J. Reuder, L. Båserud, M. Jonassen

Small cloud sensor for airborne platforms. K. Nicoll, G. Harrison

Comparison of sensors for the measurement of temperature with (small) UAV/RPA. N. Wildmann, J. Bange

Compact Cloud Probes for Remotely Piloted Air Systems. D. Baumgardner, M. Freer, G. Kok, M. Gallagher

Current state of wind-vector measurement with 5-hole probes aboard the research UAVs of the University of Tübingen. A. Platis, N. Wildmann, S. Ravi, J. Bange

Onboard Data Acquisition Systems for RPAs – A Review. B. Wrenger, J. Dünnermann, M. Müller, M. A. Lange, C. Keleshis, S. Ioannou

Plenary Session 3: Atmospheric measurements with RPAS

Investigation of Aerosol Variability with RPA. A. Lampert, G. Lohmann, A. Scholtz, M. Hermann, B. Wehner, A. Platis, J. Bange

UAV Observations of the Boundary Layer over an Antarctic Polynya. J. J. Cassano, S. L. Knuth

Verification of a high-resolution mesoscale simulation over the Reuss Valley (Switzerland) using airborne generated data. M.A. Jimenez, J. Cuxart, W. Eugster, B. Neininger, J. Stieger

Sensible heat flux measurements using RPAS. S. Martin, G. Lohmann, J. Bange, F. Beyrich

Measurements of Cloud and Radiative Properties Using Remotely Controlled Instruments on the Scaled Composites Proteus Aircraft in the Arctic and Tropics. G. M. McFarquhar, R. F. McCoy

Sampling the establishment of the nocturnal inversion in the evening transition with a multicopter. J. Dünnermann, J. Cuxart, B. Wrenger, J.L. Palau

Study of the topographically induced flows over a large valley with airborne measurements from a meteorological RPA. D. Martínez, J. Cuxart, D. Gomila

Arctic Global Hawk Observations During WISPAR. G. de Boer, J. Intrieri M. Shupe, J. Spackman, J. Wang, G. Wick, R. Hoo

Dynamic and thermodynamic studies of the Earth’s planetary boundary layer using small unmanned aerial systems. P. Chilson, T. Bonin, P. Klein, B. Zielke


Vibrating wire sensor for super-cooled liquid water content profiles from small atmospheric platforms S. Kneifel, K. Nicoll, G. Harrison

Aerial Sonic Anemometry - Preliminary results. F. Marques, L. M. F. Ribeiro, V. M. A. Meles

UAS for Meteorological and Atmospheric Studies G. Roberts, G. Cayez, F. Lavie, D. Tzanos, J.L. Brenguier

The UK Met Office LUAS J. Price and R. Clark

Multi-copter RPAS for water stress detection in grapeyards J. Gago, S. Martorell, M. Tomás, B. Millán, J. Ramón, M. Ruiz, R. Sánchez, J. Galmés, M. Conesa, P. Escalona, J. Cuxart, M. Ribas-Carbo, J. Flexas, H. Medrano

A Residual Kriging method for the reconstruction of 3D high-resolution meteorological fields from airborne and surface observations L. Laiti, D. Zardi, M. Franceschi, G. Rampanelli