2018 Boulder

Plenary Session 1: Welcome and Keynotes

08:40-09:10:     Opening remarks, logistics ISARRAwelcome

09:10-09:35:     G._Roberts: Aerosol flux measurements above the ocean surface using unmanned aerial systems

09:35-10:00:     J._Reuder: The two ISOBAR stable boundary layer field campaigns at Hailuoto, Finland 2017 and 2018: Experimental setup and first results


Plenary Session 2: Turbulence

10:20-10:40:     D. Lawrence (A._Doddi): Atmospheric Turbulence Measurements Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

10:40-11:00:     J. Zhang: Coherent structure and turbulent mixing in the hurricane boundary layer observed by unmanned aircraft

11:00-11:20:     C._Canter: Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Measurements of the Evolution Atmospheric Surface Layer Turbulence during Total Solar Eclipse

11:20-11:40:     A. Segales: Advances in the Estimation of the Structure Function Parameter for Temperature using a Small Unmanned Aircraft System

11:40-12:00:     R._Yamaguchi: Optical turbulence and mean meteorological measurement capabilities for small UAS Penguin


Plenary Session 3: Clouds,  Aerosols and Trace Gases

15:20-15:40:     J._Elston: Toward Large Area 3D Trace Gas Concentration Mapping at Low Altitude Above Rugged Terrain

15:40-16:00:     C._Keleshis: Vertical profiles of dust aerosols using Unmanned Aerial Systems operated from a mobile Marine Vessel

16:00-16:20:     R._Calmer: Aerosol-Cloud Closure Study using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Measurements during the BACCHUS field campaign in Cyprus

16:20-16:40:     D._Brus: Combining airborne and ground based measurements of aerosol and cloud properties - Pallas Cloud Experiment (PaCE 2017)

16:40-17:00:     D._Schmale: Coordinated Sampling of Biological Aerosols Over Freshwater and Saltwater Environments Using an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) and a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS)


Plenary Session 4: UAS and NWP

08:40-09:00:     J._Keeler: Impact of sUAS Data on Model-Based Supercell Forecasts

09:00-09:20:     C._Schluchter: Meteodrones – Assimilating 3km Soundings for Aviation Weather Forecasts

09:20-09:40:     B._Baker: NOAA UAS Research and Technology Program moving research UAS platforms into Operations

09:40-10:00:     J._Pinto: Hindcasts and realtime predictions with WRF LES in support of the 2018 ISARRA Flight Week


Plenary Session 5: Boundary Layer Structure

10:20-10:40:     M._Kunz: Nocturnal boundary layer budgets of carbon dioxide enabled by unmanned aircraft

10:40-11:00:     B._Greene: Techniques for Sampling Morning Boundary Layer Transitions Using Rotary-Wing Unmanned Aircraft Systems

11:00-11:20:     P._Flatau: A sUAS Study to Measure Simultaneous Oceanic and Atmospheric Profiles during the 2017 CASPER-WEST Field Experiment

11:20-11:40:     A._Finn: 3D Spatio-Temporal Observations of Atmospheric Temperature and Wind Profiles from UAV-Based Acoustic Tomography

11:40-12:00:     L._Baaserud: Test and validation of no-flow sensor wind retrievals from RPAS against mast, lidar and sodar observations


  • Bronz: The Use of Hybrid UAVs in Atmospheric Research with Paparazzi System
  • Vömel: Outcomes of the NCAR / EOL Workshop Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Atmospheric Research Poster_Voemel
  • Sweeney: AirCore: the answer to making high-precision trace gas measurements on remotely operated vehicles
  • Houston: NWS data needs for short-term forecasts and the role of unmanned aircraft in filling the gap Poster_Houston
  • Benoit: Evolution of InterMet UAV sensors Poster_Benoit
  • Creamean: HOVERCAT: A novel aerial system for evaluation of aerosol-cloud interactions
  • Frew: Targeted observation and seeding using autonomous unmanned aircraft systems
  • Kimball: Developing and validating atmospheric sensors for UAVs
  • Cayez: Active teaching and learning of the use of RPA in meteorology
  • Klein: Profiling Airborne Microwave Radiometer - a powerful tool for atmospheric research and observations Poster_Klein
  • Asher: A first look at the Unmanned Whole Air Sampler (UWAS)
  • Islam: Temperature/Humidity Sensor Housing for Multirotor UAS Poster_Islam
  • Bernabeo: The dynamics of atmospheric aerosols: Traditional and innovative methodologies UAV-based
  • Barbieri: Integration of sUAS-captured Atmospheric Data and Imagery for Improved Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions Monitoring Poster_Barbieri
  • Kemppinen: Development and Field-Testing of Two Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Aerosol Particle Instruments
  • Burrala: Profiling of Lower Atmosphere for Aerosol Properties and Meteorological Parameters using Unmanned Aerial System
  • Guzman: Quantification of Trace Gases with Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) during the 2017 CLOUDMAP Campaigns
  • -S. Gao: A brief introduction to The Nighttime Fire Observations eXperiment (NightFOX) - UAS wildfire measurements in support of FIREX-AQ and fire weather forecasting
  • Thomas: Deployment of a UAV based spectrometer for canopy measurements of Sun Induced Fluorescence above a CO2 enriched woodland
  • -C. Chang: Multicopter-based aerial sampling and observation platforms for air quality studies
  • Nelson: A novel combustion emissions sampling payload for use with small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS)
  • Hirsikko: Pilot study investigates applicability of an autonomous drone for operational profiling in weather service Poster_Hirsikko
  • Pillar-Little: Development of a Robust CO2 Sensing Platform for Fixed or Rotary Wing UAS Poster_Pillar_Little
  • Shanti: Change in Wind Patterns Associated with a Total Solar Eclipse
  • Neitola: Vertical profiles of sub-arctic aerosol number size distributions obtained with a modified AlphaSense N-2 Optical Particle Counter
  • Seoane: Atmospheric Instrumentation Integration in a RPAS Investigation Aerial Platform in the CIAR (Rozas Research Center)
  • de Boer: Lower Atmospheric Profiling Studies at Elevation - A Remotely-piloted Aircraft Team Experiment (LAPSE-RATE): An overview of ISARRA flight week 2018 Poster_de_Boer
  • Hemingway: Vertical Sampling Scales for Capturing Atmospheric Measurements via Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the Boundary Layer
  • Young: Engineering a Phantom III with Atmospheric Sensing Instrumentation for Education and Outreach
  • Ahlawat: Application of T-matrix retrieval algorithm in the indigenously developed Optical Particle Sizer (OPS) for airborne observations over IGP region
  • Bottyan: Wind Profile Measurements on Small Quadrotor UAS Platform
  • Avery: Ice Accretion on Small Unmanned Aircraft Poster_Avery
  • Schreiner: Profiling the lower troposphere with GPS radio occultation
  • Corrales: Test Techniques of the Control and Navigation System in a UAS
  • McAdams: Development of a Holographic Cloud Particle Imager for UAVs Poster_McAdams
  • Clark: Comparison of field test data with numerical weather modeling for characterization of atmospheric refractive-index structure coefficient (Cn2), under 100 meter altitude Poster_Clark
  • Gonzales-Rocha: Model-based Wind Estimation in the Lower Atmosphere with Multirotor UAS
  • Peuker: Investigating the polar boundary layer and aerosol particles with ALADINA Poster_Peuker


Plenary Session 6: Capability Development

15:20-15:40:     J._Jacob: Results from the 2016-2018 CLOUD-MAP Coordinated Flight Campaigns

15:40-16:00:     S._Swenson: Development and Deployment of Lagrangian Drifters from a sUAS

16:00-16:20:     F._Mei: Development of a scientific payload for atmospheric science aboard a Group 3 UAS

16:20-16:40:     B._Wrenger: Wind Measurement by Multicopter RPAS

16:40-17:00:     S._Smith: On UAS Sensor Flight Pattern Determination for Studies in Atmospheric Science


Plenary Session 7: High Latitudes

08:40-09:00:     G._de_Boer:  Inaugural Campaigns for ARM Research using Unmanned Systems (ICARUS): An update on ongoing flight activities in Alaska

09:40-09:20:     P._Chilson: Overview of the University of Oklahoma’s Contribution to ISOBAR: Science Questions and Findings

09:20--09:40:    S._Kral: RPAS observation on the structure and evolution of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer during the two ISOBAR field campaigns on Hailuoto, 2017 and 2018

09:40-10:00      R. P._Lawson:  Investigations of mixed-phase clouds at Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard

Plenary Session 8: Severe Weather and Community Discussion

10:20-10:40      J._Cione:  Coyote UAS observations in Hurricane Maria (2017)

10:40-11:00:     A._Houston: Using Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Severe Local Storm Research

11:00-11:20:     R._Laurence: Deployment of TTwistor UAS During Project RiVorS

11:20-12:30:     Discussion on ISARRA structure, Presentations for hosting next meeting